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Great Wishford School's Easter Procession

On the last day of term before the Easter break, our prayers were answered and the rain held off for the school’s Easter procession. Various costumes had been delivered to the school for the children to use in a number of tableaux relating to the Easter story, from Good Friday to Easter Sunday. We gathered with the children, staff, governors and parents in the playground, otherwise known as Jerusalem for the purposes of the procession. There, Jesus was given a purple cloak and a crown of (pretend) thorns, before being led away, carrying a cross, by soldiers and various followers to St Giles’ churchyard (Golgotha). There he was crucified along with two thieves. On Easter Sunday, we found ourselves in the garden (by turning to face the other way) where Jesus had been laid in a tomb. There, as three women wondered why the tomb was empty, Jesus appeared and reassured them that he was alive. In celebration, we sang ‘Lord of the Dance’.

The children were respectful and took on their roles really well. Thank you to them, to the staff for getting them ready, to Di for helping with the costumes, and to Maggie and Jonathan for taking various parts.

Yvonne Allen

Plus lovely pictures from St Mary's Stapleford.



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