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25th June 2023

Living in faith and fear 

on Jer. 20:7 13, Romans 6:1b 11, Matt.10:24 39)

Yvonne Allen

30th April 2023

Sheep and life within the sheepfold

SERMON FOR EASTER 4: BENEFICE SERVICE AT WYLYE (based mainly on John 10: 1 - 10, with reference to 1 Peter 2: 19-25 and Psalm 23)

Yvonne Allen

19th March 2023

Remembering to say
Thank you! Mothering Sunday

(based on Psalm 71: vv 5 9 &15 18)

Yvonne Allen

5th February 2023

Getting it right with God

AT WYLYE  (based on Isaiah 58: 1-9a, 1Cor.2:1-12 and Matt.5: 13-20)

Yvonne Allen

31st July 2022

Wealth vs Good Works

At South Newton based on Eccesliastes 1:2, 12 14; 2: 18 23: Luke 12:13 21: Col.3:1 11)

Yvonne Allen

4th June 2023

The Holy Trinity - Our Mission Statment

SERMON FOR TRINITY SUNDAY 4 JUNE 2023 AT SOUTH NEWTON PC (based on Matt 28:16-21; and partly on Isaiah 40:12-17 & 27 – end & 2 Cor.13:11- end)

Yvonne Allen

10th April 2023

What a day and what a claim!

Sermon for Easter Sunday South Newton and BSJ based on Jeremiah 31: 1-6, Acts 10: 34-43, Matthew 28: 1-10

Maggie Metcalfe

12th March 2023

Gifts and Talents

GW AND STEEPLE LANGFORD  (based on Romans 12:1-21 and Matt.10:1-13)

Yvonne Allen

29th January 2023

Light and Love

AT BSJ (based on Luke 2:22-40 & Malachi 3:1-5) Presentation of Christ

Yvonne Allen

26th June 2022

The choices we make

AT WINTERBOURNE STOKE (+ STEPHEN): 26-06-22 (based on 1 Kings 19: 15-16, 19-21; Gal. 5:1, 13-25; Luke9: 51-62)

Yvonne Allen

28th May 2023

When Giving is all we have 

Poem by Alberto Rios

Read by Yvonne Allen at Oak Apple Service

10th April 2023

Searching for Christ

Sermon for Easter Sunday at Stapleford based on Matt 28 1-10

Yvonne Allen

12th February 2023

Reprioritising our lives

AT STEEPLE LANGFORD HC  (based on Matt.6:25 - 34; & partly Gen.: 1:1 - 2:3 & Rom.8:18-25)

Yvonne Allen

13th November 2022

Remembrance Day

At Great Wishford based on John 15: 9-15

Maggie Metcalfe

Disclaimer: Ministry Leaders have delivered or otherwise provided their messages and sermons in good faith. They are not always in a position to check that their thoughts and ideas are universally original in nature or may be deemed to infringe any copyright. Any such use where it is not properly referenced or acknowledged is entirely unintentional and they apologise should this be the case. Should any person feel their material has been misused please feel free to email our Rector at

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