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On 31st January, we held a Christingle service with a difference at Great Wishford Primary School.

The morning saw 5 of us, ministry team and Governors, seated at tables in church, struggling to get sweets, that were tougher than they looked, onto cocktail sticks.  We were especially grateful that the oranges were of the navel variety - so much easier for inserting the candle!  A number of broken cocktail sticks, visits to replenish sweets and half a packet of biscuits later, we delivered 60 Christingles to school.


As the date fell in schools’ Storyteller Week, the team that usually acts out stories for Open the Book narrated the meaning of Christingle in story form that afternoon.  We took turns to describe the significance of the various components of a Christingle, with the help of pupils, who held up the orange, cocktail sticks, candle and ribbon.   Families and guardians came to share this joyful celebration of Christ among us as the light of the whole world, and each pupil went home with a Christingle to remind them.

                                                                                                                        Yvonne Allen



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