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Wakey, wakey Great Wishford!

Celebrations began on 29th May, with the rain holding off throughout. The Rough Band woke the village up at 5:30 (thankfully later than it used to be!) to collect Oak Boughs in Grovely Woods, followed by a hearty breakfast in the Village Hall.

At 10:30, we gathered outside the Cathedral for the annual renewing of the village rights to continue collecting dead wood from Grovely.

The Nitch ladies danced on the lawn.... and then again in the Cathedral - a departure from the norm that went down very well with villagers and tourists alike.

At 12:30, we met up in the field for Ploughman's lunch in the marquee. It was a cut above the basic, with not just the bread, cheese, and pickle, but also fish pate, liver pate, home-cooked ham, pork pies, and cole slaw, followed by Joanna's Gelato ices for afters - yummy! And there was still the Fete and Oak Apple celebration service to come - watch this blog!



What's been happening around the Benefice

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